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1911 Gladiator .45 ACP
  • Caliber: .45
  • Magazine Capacity: 8 rounds
  • Barrel Length: 5"
  • Overall Length: 8.7"
  • Sight Radius: 6.6"
  • Height: 5.6"
  • Width: 1.3"
  • Weight Empty: 40.8 oz.
  • Suggested Retail Price $1,776
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    1911 Gladiator, 70 Series

    The 1911 Gladiator is an unrivaled .45 ACP firearm made with 17-4PH stainless steel; a precipitation hardened steel used in aerospace, medical, industrial, and military applications that require high corrosion resistance in extreme temperature environments.

    The Gladiator is the only pistol on the market made from the same steel used in the manufacturing of the Vulcan 20mm Gatling Gun, Patriot Missile, Abrams tank. The Gladiator provides tremendous longevity by using components that are made using 17-4PH stainless steel, including the frame, slide, slide stop, thumb safety, grip safety, hammer, and main spring housing.

    To create our 1911 Gladiator, we took a traditional 1911 pistol and made more than 80 dimensional changes to improve the gun's reliability, accuracy, and functionality. In addition, we took numerous features that other manufacturers offer as optional at an additional cost, and made them standard on our 1911 Gladiators.

    The features of the 1911 Gladiator include:

    • StormLake Match Barrel, Bushing, Link, & Pin: Features precise cut broach rifling and seamless ramping from the frame, which prevents failure to feed the round into the chamber and improves accuracy.
    • Custom High Ride Beavertail Grip Safety: A specially designed grip safety that allows your hand to fit higher under the slide than any other gun on the market, reducing felt recoil. The custom design also provides increased comfort and a very natural, intuitive grip, which increases accuracy.
    • Commander-Style Hammer
    • Ramp & Polish: Frame is ramped and hand polished to improve feeding and minimize jamming.
    • Melted (Contoured) Edges: Smoothly contoured edges across the gun provide a natural and comfortable fit while simultaneously reducing drag in drawing and holstering the gun.
    • Ready One Position Indentation: Ensures proper trigger finger placement in the Ready One Position as an additional safety feature and training aid. Also ensures proper finger placement for safe drawing and holstering of the gun, creating valuable muscle memory.
    • Sprinco Recoil Reduction System: Stainless steel guide rod cushions the slide-to-frame impact, reducing muzzle climb, and tested to 100,000 rounds with absolutely no maintenance.
    • Integral Plunger Tube: Manufactured into the gun, unlike a conventionally staked plunger tube. This reduces the risk of unseating and loss of the plunger spring, ensuring consistent pressure on the slide stop and thumb safety.
    • Lowered & Flared Ejection Port: Smooth and reliable ejection of spent cartridges, reducing the possibility of stovepiping.
    • Integral Ejector: Manufactured into the gun to eliminate the risk of loosening with use.
    • Extended Thumb Safety: Easily deploy the safety without adjusting your grip.
    • Extended Slide Stop: Easily deploy the slide release with one hand and minimal grip change. Unlike most 1911s, the slide stop is flush cut to reduce drag when drawing and holstering the gun.
    • Front & Rear Slide Serrations: Easily cock the gun.
    • Flared Mag Well & Custom Mag Well Step: Provides increased ease of reloading and a natural finger rest while also ensuring the mag well will accept most .45 ACP mags.
    • Extended Mag Release: Just long enough that it is easily accessible without running the risk of releasing the mag on holstering.
    • Fiber Optic Front Sight: Front sight requires minimum ambient light to cause the fiber optics to glow.
    • Ghost Ring Fully Adjustable Rear Sight: Quickly aligns the fiber optic front sight within the Ghost Ring, allowing for immediate target acquisition.
    • Exotic Wood Grips: Attractive and functional design.
    • Integral Picatinny Tactical Rail: Unlike a traditional rail, which only includes one slot for accessories, the gun's Picatinny rail provides three slots to accommodate ideal positioning of lasers, flashlights, etc. 
    • Main Spring Housing with Integral Lanyard Loop: Allows tethering to prevent loss or dropping of the gun. 
    • Loaded Chamber Indicator: Always know at a glance when there's a round in the chamber.
    • Match Trigger: The gun comes with a completed trigger job, providing a smooth, quick break.
    • .38 Firing Pin: Reduces primer flow from entering the breech face and permits the gun to be dry-fired without causing any damage.

    Each 1911 Gladiator is shipped in an airline-approved case along with two, eight-round mags, a cable lock, a brush, and a custom metal bushing wrench.

    Suggested Retail Price $1,776

    Additional Options

    • Custom Serial Number: $90
    • No-Scratch Melonite Finish: $150

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