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Our Mission

After the One Hundredth Anniversary of the 1911 pistol, this classic firearm is still the only gun that has survived more than a century of service with the military. Its popularity has reached into service with law enforcement and other government agencies as well as a vast civilian appreciation. Although there have been a plethora of cosmetic changes to the 1911, it remains true to its basic design by John Browning.

Our goal is to provide the finest 1911 pistols in the industry; each and every part of our pistols and pistol cases are ONE HUNDRED PERCENT made in the United States of America.

Originally our guns were made one at a time, and all the parts were hand fit to the specific pistol. Now we have taken that exact process and put it in production. We treat each of our guns as though it was to be carried by one of us. Thus making certain that it is the best it can be. We offer only the finest parts available in today's market such as a Match Barrel, bushing link, pin, and a Recoil Reducer that greatly reduces the recoil making the second shot target acquisition almost immediate. Our foundry creates our 17-4 PH (Precipitation Hardening) Stainless Steel that is currently used widely in military heavy weapon applications.

In addition to our variant product lineup of Government and Commander Models, we will be offering several commemorative/collector grade models. Each of the commemorative/collector grade pistols will be delivered in a wooden presentation case. Our purpose is to bring back to life the greatest fighting machines of the Vietnam era. Each of these pistols will be legendary by the fact that we will use, in part, the actual materials from these airframes such as the A-7, A-4 and F-8 fighters along with the UH-1, and recast them into our 1911 pistols. For our military friends, your commemorative model can be unique by using your military ID and affiliation as the serial number.

In keeping with pure Americana, we also offer the 1911 auto pistol made in part from the original metals from the classic Harley-Davidson motorcycles such as the Shovelhead, Panhead and Knucklehead. These too will be delivered in a beautiful wooden presentation box.

Most of us are familiar with the 1911 .45 ACP pistols' reliability and effectiveness because we either carried it during our military tour of duty or simply purchased one from our local gun shop. We want to exceed your expectations of that 1911 Pistol so we have made every effort to improve its feel and function. By simply picking up one of our pistols you will immediately notice the difference in the feel and "fit" incorporated into the pistol regardless of hand size.


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