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Maximus Arms’ Gladiator Featured in September Issue of Combat Handguns


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The Maximus Arms Gladiator has been featured in the September issue of Combat Handguns, now on newsstands. The handgun review, titled “The Gladiator” written by David Bahde, featured a notable introductory quote, “Using tank-tough 17-4PH steel, Maximus Arms’ ultra-rugged Gladiator .45 is one 1911 destined to echo in eternity!”

Overall, Bahde was impressed with the Gladiator, stating “the Gladiator is a finely built 1911 pistol with some very interesting alterations to the standard design … all of the built-in features, like the ejector, safety plunger and magazine well, should provide for excellent longevity. Given the properties of the steel, my guess is the ejector will last forever, and the rest of the accessories integrate rather nicely.”

Along with the dimensional changes made to the 1911, Bahde was also impressed by the Gladiators accuracy and reliability, “Shooting it at 25 yards, I achieved some highly accurate results, with the best group measuring right at 1.5 inches … The Gladiator proved to be a very reliable 1911 with excellent accuracy.” He also praised the flared mag well, pointing out how it “facilitated very positive magazine swaps.” View all of Bahde’s comments in the full article, found in the September issue of Combat Handguns.

We invite you to view our in-depth overview of the Maximus Arms Gladiator 1911 .45 ACP 70 series pistol on our YouTube channel, Watch the overview from the company founder Tony Bellione as he describes his own history with the 1911 pistol and the dimensional changes he made to Browning’s original design to create the Gladiator. 



Maximus Arms build Gladiator for U.S. Army Colonel Drury 


On May 22, U.S. Army Intelligence Officer Colonel Paul Drury celebrated his promotion to the rank of colonel and graduation from the U.S. Air Force War College with a customized Gladiator 1911, courtesy of Maximus Arms. 

In 2013, Colonel Drury was chosen to attend the highly selective Department of Defense Senior Developmental Education and Master’s program at Maxwell Air Force base. To commemorate his achievement, Drury’s two daughters presented their father with a handcrafted, custom-engraved Gladiator 1911 against the backdrop of the famed Army-Air Force (USAAF) B-25 Mitchell. 

Colonel Drury became interested in the our Gladiator after viewing the YouTube video showcasing a rapid-fire demonstration of the Gladiator. Soon after, a friend contacted Tony Bellione and coordinated the effort to craft a one-of-kind 1911 for the distinct occasion, which included the engraving of the historic War Eagle on the slide and grips. 

"As a veteran-owned company with a staff of current and former military, we welcome any opportunity to celebrate our country’s service members. We are honored to help Colonel Drury commemorate this great accomplishment, especially knowing that the firearm will be a family heirloom," said Tony. 


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Great review from Richard Stauffer 




With precision manufacturing and the use of only 100 percent American-made components, Maximus Arms of Franklin, TN. is setting a new standard for mid-level 1911s within the industry. Every Maximus Arms pistol, including the company's flagship 1911, The Gladiator, is built completely in house, from the foundry process to the final milling operation. Exclusively using 17-4PH stainless steel (the same steel used in the Dillon Chain Gun, Patriot Missile, and the Abrams Tank) in the production of their firearms because of its noted durability, casting all of the frames and slides, plus using custom engineering features such as an integral plunger tube, Maximus Arms offers unmatched quality-control in the production of its pistols.

The company offers multiple models with custom features as standard equipment including match-grade barrels, high-rise beavertail grip safeties, flared magazine wells, front and rear slide serrations, polished feed ramps, adjustable triggers, undercut trigger guards, exotic wood stocks, and lowered and flared ejection ports.

Maximus Arm's goal is to provide the finest M1911 pistols in the industry by exercising the highest quality control, with every part produced 100 percent in the United States. Available in a variety of finishes including polished and melonite, the introductory retail price is $1,661, including an airline-approved gun case, two stainless steel magazines, a cable lock and cleaning brushes.

To learn more about Maximus Arms, request images for editorial use, or to find a Maximus Arms dealer near you, contact us. If you are interested in obtaining a sample Gladiator for editorial review and testing, please contact Tony Bellione by emailing or calling 615-595-9777.

Maximus Arms Now Offering New Sight Options

We understand that there are many shooting preferences when it comes to sights on a 1911 so, in keeping with this, Maximus Arms is happy to offer a notched blade adjustable rear sight as an option to the Ghost Ring sight that comes standard on our pistol. If your current Gladiator has the Ghost Ring, and you would like to replace it with this new option, simply remove the Ghost Ring and send it back to us. You will only be charged for the cost of shipping.

Removal instructions:

  1. Press down on the Ghost Ring itself as you turn the adjustment screw to the left until it comes out.
  2. Be certain not to lose the small springs underneath.
  3. Push the dovetail of the sight to the right until it clears the frame.
  4. Reverse this procedure when your new sight arrives.

Additional sight options are in the design phase and will be available shortly.





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